Saturday, July 11, 2015

Lyla Ellen - 10/11 Months

Lyla girl you are so close to being one that I can't believe it.  How has it almost been a year already?  You are just as sweet as can be and growing like a weed. 

*Weight: Around 17 pounds
*Clothes: 9-12 months.
*One week before you turned 11 months - you started to WALK!  Oh my goodness!  Not only did you start to walk, but the first time walking you were in shoes and in the back the grass!  What baby does that!?

*You are still shy around other people that you don't know and you do such a cute little head tilt - almost like you are trying to hide.
*You currently only have four teeth, but they are coming in such a weird order.  You got your two bottom teeth like normal, but the top teeth I think you have been getting for about five months.  You got your left fang first, and now it is going across your mouth.  Weird.  But cute!

*Your hair is growing fast and you have the same hairline as Preston and I.  We still have to use some kind of hair accessory to keep your long locks out of your face.
*Now that you've started walking, you and Preston are enjoying each other's company because you can really start playing now!

*You really only giggle when something is TRULY funny.  Most of the time, that's Preston!

We are on our way to one!  Only one more month to go!

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